Surety Bonds

What is a surety bond? 

A surety bond is a legal binding contract that guarantees a third party will meet the tax obligations of an employer.

Surety bonds are available to non-profit organizations electing unemployment insurance reimbursable coverage and to employee leasing companies. 

Electing Reimbursable Coverage

Employers electing reimbursable coverage will complete form Download this pdf file. DOL-11 Election to Reimburse Benefits Paid in Lieu of Contributions .

Electing Leasing Company Employee Reporting

Leasing companies electing to report and otherwise treat all leased employees as its own employees will complete form Download this pdf file. DOL-11B Employee Leasing Company Election to Report Leased Employees .

Surety Bond Deposit

Surety bond deposit amounts are determined after a review of completed form DOL-11 or DOL-11B. Employers may select a bond payment method by submitting form 
Download this pdf file. DOL-12 Reimbursable Employer’s Election of Cash Deposit, Surety bond or Securities or 
Download this pdf file. DOL-12B Employee Leasing Company’s Election of Cash Deposit, Surety bond or Securities .

Surety Bond Renewals

Bonds for Reimbursable employers are renewed every two years.

Bonds for Leasing companies are renewed annually. 

Surety Bond renewal notification letters are sent from the UI Adjudication section with instructions and bond renewal forms: 
Download this pdf file. DOL-13 Employer’s Statutory Surety Bond for Reimbursement in Lieu of Contributions
Download this pdf file. DOL-13B Employee Leasing Company’s Statutory Surety Bond
Download this pdf file. DOL-14 Reimbursable Employer’s Power of Attorney and 
Download this pdf file. DOL-14B Employee Leasing Company’s Power of Attorney