July 25, 2023


What is ID.me?

To better serve our claimants and prevent Unemployment Insurance fraud, the Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) is partnering with ID.me to verify claimant identification.

ID.me offers support, including video chat with trained staff members, to help you quickly and easily verify your identity.

How do I verify my identity for the Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL)?

Claimants are directed to verify their identity when it is a requirement to use an online service. Once you have navigated to the ID.me verification website, click the green Verify with ID.me button to start the identity verification process. Please continue to follow the instructions until you have verified your identity. Make sure you use an accessible email for ID.me and the GDOL to ensure you receive important information. Claimants under the age of 18 cannot verify their identity through ID.me and will receive an email with alternate directions for verifying.

Tips and best practices for selecting and uploading acceptable identity documents can be found in the ID.me article Troubleshooting Identity Verification.

For more information on how to create your ID.me account and verify your identity, watch these ID.me YouTube videos:

Verifying Your Identity for Unemployment Benefits

Verifying Your Identity on an ID.me Video Call

ID.me Security Update and Help Documents

As a new security requirement, all claimants will be required to take a video selfie as part of the ID.me identity verification process. The following documents detail the steps required to verify one's identity, including the new video selfie requirement.

ID.me Help - How do I take and submit a selfie or video selfie?

ID.me Help - How Do I Verify My Identity - Step-by-Step Article and Video

ID.me Help - How to manage multi-factor authentication and your ID.me account

Need Assistance with ID.me? - Open an ID.me Support Ticket

Download this pdf file. How to Set Up and Protect Your ID.me Account

Download this pdf file. Cómo configurar y proteger su cuenta de ID.me