GDOL Rules

The rules of the Georgia Department of Labor set forth operating procedures that are not covered in the Official Code of Georgia and are established under section 34-8-70 of that code.

Complete list of Rules and Regulations for the Georgia Department of Labor

Unemployment insurance rules are within Download this pdf file. Chapter 300-2 Employment Security Law

The sections of Chapter 300-2 are:

Download this pdf file. 300-2-1  Definitions
This section defines the meanings of terms used for the Unemployment Insurance Program.

Download this pdf file. 300-2-2  Reports 
This section defines reports that employers are required to file to establish liability, file tax and wage reports, and report labor information. 

Download this pdf file. 300-2-3  Tax Rates & Covered Employment 
This section defines rules that govern due dates, penalty & interest, types of liability & coverage, and changes in coverage.

Download this pdf file. 300-2-4  UI Benefit Payments
This section defines type of claims and procedures for processing claims. 

Download this pdf file. 300-2-5  Appeals
This section defines type of appeals and procedures for processing appeals. 

Download this pdf file. 300-2-6  Records
This section defines types of records employers are required to maintain and access to those records. 

Download this pdf file. 300-2-7  Requirements for Employees and Employers
This section defines coverage requirements for employees and employers. 

Download this pdf file. 300-2-8  Governmental & Non-Profit Accounts
This section defines treatment of governmental and non-profit organizations. 

Download this pdf file. 300-2-9  Qualifications & Penalties for UI Benefits Claims
This section defines the qualifications and disqualifications for establishing a claim.