GDOL Service Directory

Most of the Department's direct services to customers are provided through the Internet or by staff in our statewide network of local Career Centers. Find a Career Center to view information on local office locations and phone numbers. Use the contact information below for assistance with questions and issues that cannot be addressed at the local level OR if your contact with the GDOL involves programs operated at the state level.

Career Center Regional Operations:  1-877-709-8185

Administrative oversight to statewide network of GDOL Career Centers, which provide direct customer services for all programs administered by the GDOL.

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Employer Hotline:  855-436-7365 toll free

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Employment Programs/Services:  404-232-3515

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  • ​404-232-3500:  Agricultural Job Postings (including H2A)
  • 1-877-709-8185:  Child Labor Laws and Regulations
  • 404-232-3543:  Federal Bonding Assistance
  • 404-232-3500:  Foreign Labor Certification
  • 404-232-3520:  Jobs for Georgia Graduates
  • 888-655-9340:  Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Advocate
  • 404-232-3530:  Rapid Response
  • 404-232-3505:  Trade Act Program
  • 404-232-3527:  Veteran Services
  • 1-877-709-8185:  Youth Work Permits

Unemployment Insurance (UI):  404-232-3001

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Report UI Fraud

Program which provides temporary income to eligible individuals who are unemployed through no fault of their own (financed by employer unemployment taxes).

  • 404-232-3325:  Appeals to the Board of Review
  • 404-232-3900:  Appeals to Hearing Officers
  • 404-232-3265:  Electronic Wage Reporting
  • 404-232-3030:  Employer Claim Charges
  • 404-232-3301:  Employer Tax Liability
  • 404-232-3300:  Employer Tax Rates
  • 404-232-3220:  Employer Tax Reports/Filing
  • 404-232-3320:  General Tax Information
  • 404-232-3090:  Interstate Claims
  • 404-232-3301:  New Employer Accounts
  • 404-232-3050:  Partial Claims Filing for Employers
  • 404-232-3001:  UI Customer Service
  • 404-232-3320: Tax Administration                          

Labor Market Information:  404-232-3875

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Information about occupational, industrial, and economic statistics, as well as wages and future trends in Georgia.

Media and Marketing

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  • ​404-232-3685:  Office of Communications (inc. Press Releases)

Advisory Entity

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  • ​404-416-2335:  GDOL Employer Committees (local membership organizations for GDOL Career Centers)

USDOL Regional and Other Partners

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  • ​678-237-0521:  Atlanta Wage and Hour Office
  • 770-493-6644:  Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • 404-232-3870:  Regional VETS Staff
  • 912-652-4221:  Savannah Wage and Hour Office

Commissioner's Office:  404-232-7300

Email the Commissioner