Minors in Entertainment

State law and Department Rules apply to all Minors employed in the State of Georgia in the entertainment Industry and to the entities that employ a Minor in a Production or who are responsible for the safety and welfare of the Minor while at a Location where the Minor is Performing.

  • Child Labor Coordinator

    An employee or contractor of the Employing Unit or an approved subcontractor of the Employing Unit’s contractor at the Location who is responsible for the coordination of services and safety of the Minor during the time the Minor is at the Location.

  • Employing Unit

    An entertainment industry employer who is an organization, or individual, using the services of any minor in: Motion pictures of any type (e.g. film, videotape, etc.), using any format (theatrical film, commercial, documentary, television program, internet etc.) by any medium (e.g. theater, television, videocassette, etc.); photography; recording; modeling; theatrical productions; publicity; rodeos; circuses; musical performances; and any other performances where minors perform to entertain the public. Employing Unit includes but not limited to, motion picture production company, theatrical group or association, electronic broadcasting company or photographic modeling agency, or casting company, whether or not incorporated.

  • Minor

    Anyone under the age of eighteen (18), unless documentation shows the individual is lawfully emancipated, an armed service member, or married.

  • Performance or Performing

    Participation by a Minor in a Production or exhibition that is available to the public or will be made available to the public.

  • Production

    A work to be presented on, but not limited to, stage, screen, television, internet, video tape, audio tape, open air, runway modeling, or in still photographs or phonographic recording of any kind. Production shall not include any play or production produced exclusively by a state approved school or produced by a recognized church organization.

  • Representative of the Minor

    The custodial parent or a court approved legal guardian.


Rules: The Rules of the Georgia Department of Labor Rule 300-7-1- Minors in Entertainment

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It is illegal for a Minor to work in Georgia without certification.