Documents: Job Search

Job Dislocation - Making Smart Financial Choices After a Job Loss

Tips on how to manage the financial impact when a business closes or lays off workers.

Keeping Your Job

Information and tips on keeping a job including how to use your skills, establish good work habits, and advance in the job.

Negotiating Your Salary

Information on what to consider when negotiating salary with an employer. Find out what it takes to be prepared including researching salary information.

Personal Data Book

Use this booklet to compile your specific job search related information. If prepared properly, job applications can be completed quickly, neatly, and accurately.

Pocket Resume

Complete this form with information that is often requested during a job interview, and use it as a pocket reference. Interview reminders are also included.

Resource Guide for Job Seekers

Hints and information to make finding a job or a new career less frightening and more productive.

Resume Samples

View samples of chronological, combination, and functional résumé formats and layouts.


Information on why a résumé is an important job search tool. Find out tips on résumé formats and layouts.

The Interview

Information on the interview process including its purpose, how to prepare for it, answer questions, close it, and what do when it is over.

The Job Search

Information on job search related topics including employer expectations, networking, and direct employer contacts.