The Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) recently received the "Model Agency Award" for excellence in human resources from the Georgia Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) as part of its FY24 HR Assessment. The GDOL earned a high ranking in the "model compliance" (Tier I) category, which underscores the department's comprehensive understanding of and compliance with human resources laws, regulations, rules, and best practices.
"The 'Model Agency Award' reflects our commitment toward creating a workplace where every team member feels valued, supported, and empowered to contribute their best," said Commissioner Bruce Thompson. "Whether improving services for our employees or enhancing the overall experience for Georgia citizens, the GDOL is well on its way toward becoming a nationwide model of success." 
The DOAS HR Assessment serves as an invaluable tool for state agencies to identify strengths within HR programs and areas that can be further developed, ultimately minimizing risks. Participation in the assessment also offers a comprehensive snapshot of statewide HR programs and an in-depth comparison of other executive branch agencies.
"We are honored to be recognized for excellence in human resource management," said GDOL HR Director Lee Rudd. "Here at the GDOL, cultivating a supportive work environment that fuels professional growth and serves Georgians is the driving force behind all that we do."
"We appreciate having an opportunity to partner with the Georgia Department of Labor and other agencies that participated in our FY24 HR Assessment," said Latatia West, Program Manager at the Georgia Department of Administrative Services. "Achieving the highly coveted "Model Agency Award" is a testament to the Georgia Department of Labor's commitment to excellence."
For any questions regarding the FY24 HR Assessment, please reach out to the DOAS Human Resources Administration Division at [email protected].
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