GDOL Rules - Chapter 300-7 - Inspection - Child Labor - Amendment Notice

Notice of amendments to 300-7-1-.04 Educational Requirements, 300-7-1-.08 Conditions of Employment, 300-7-1-.04 Withdrawal of Consent, 300-7-1.01 Exemption Application, and 300-7-2.03 Place of Employment and Repeal of 300-7-2-.04 Employment Certificates.

GeorgiaBEST Program Overview

Overview of the Georgia Business Employability Skills Training (GeorgiaBEST) program.

Georgia’s Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Guide

Access this guide for additional information about WARN requirements.

Hiring Heroes

Information about, and the benefits of, hiring veterans.

Hours of Performance Log

Log of performance hours for employment of minors.

Identifying Your Skills

Information on what a skill is, why it is important to know your skills, and the three types of skills.