GDOL Rules - Chapter 300-7 - Inspection - Child Labor - Amendment Notice

Notice of amendments to 300-7-1-.04 Educational Requirements, 300-7-1-.08 Conditions of Employment, 300-7-1-.04 Withdrawal of Consent, 300-7-1.01 Exemption Application, and 300-7-2.03 Place of Employment and Repeal of 300-7-2-.04 Employment Certificates.

GeorgiaBEST Fact Sheet

Information about the training and certification program for Georgia students Business Ethics Student Training(GeorgiaBEST).

Hiring Heroes

Information about, and the benefits of, hiring veterans.

Hours of Performance Log

Log of performance hours for employment of minors.

Identifying Your Skills

Information on what a skill is, why it is important to know your skills, and the three types of skills.

Internet Job Search Strategies

Information on the Internet as it relates to job search including cyber résumés, electronic networking, research, and job advertisements.

Interviewing Guidelines for Employers

Tips and information about the interview process including seven steps for preparing for the interview and what pitfalls to avoid.