Employment Applications

Information needed to create the perfect application including the importance of how it looks and how to complete salary requirements and reasons for leaving.

FE-X Unemployment Insurance Service - DOL 947

Special Information for Federal Civilian Employees and Ex-Servicemembers on Unemployment Insurance Benefit Rights and Responsibilities

Federal Bonding Program

Specific and comprehensive information about the Federal Bonding Program, for which GDOL is the certified local agency.

Filing Partial Claims during a Presidentially Declared Disaster Period

Information on filing Partial Claims during a Presidentially Declared Disaster Period.

Following Up with Employers

Information on why, when, and how job seekers should follow-up with employers including tips for writing letters.

Four Steps to a New Career

A guide on how to choose a new career, including a worksheet for comparing aspects for up to three occupations and determining a goal and an action plan.

GDOL Rules - Chapter 300-1 - Organization - Amended -Adopted Effective December 31, 2014

Amended section: 300-1-1-.01 Employment Security Agency. Repealed section: 300-1-1-.02 Inspection Division.