Documents: Job Search

Age is an Asset

Information on age-related issues including workplace trends, effects on older workers, and strategies for job seekers over 50.

Cover Letters and Thank-You Notes

Cover letter formats for invited, cold contact, and referral letters. Find out what thank you notes should include.

Credit and Budgeting Tips

Information and resources on how to develop a budget and create an Action Plan for managing it.

Dress for Job Success

Information on how to create an image that will get a job offer including the importance of first impressions and body language tips.

Employment Applications

Information needed to create the perfect application including the importance of how it looks and how to complete salary requirements and reasons for leaving.

Federal Bonding Program

Specific and comprehensive information about the Federal Bonding Program, for which GDOL is the certified local agency.

Following Up with Employers

Information on why, when, and how job seekers should follow-up with employers including tips for writing letters.

Four Steps to a New Career

A guide on how to choose a new career, including a worksheet for comparing aspects for up to three occupations and determining a goal and an action plan.

Identifying Your Skills

Information on what a skill is, why it is important to know your skills, and the three types of skills.

Internet Job Search Strategies

Information on the Internet as it relates to job search including cyber résumés, electronic networking, research, and job advertisements.