Last updated 04/02/20

Instructions on Resetting Your PIN:
If you are receiving an error message when trying to use your Personal Identification Number (PIN), please try to reset your PIN. 
Those who filed an Individual Claim can reset their PIN at Reset Unemployment Insurance Benefits PIN.  You will need to enter your SSN, date of birth, mailing zip code and either your mother’s maiden name OR passphrase as you provided on your most recent claim. This information must match our records. If you do not remember this information, you must contact your local career center or UI Customer Service for assistance from Contact Us
You will receive an error message after three unsuccessful attempts. The application will reset and allow you to try again after 2 hours. 
If your employer filed a claim on your behalf, create your PIN at

  • What does it mean when I receive a notification that my determination is pending?

    This means the Department is reviewing your claim to determine your eligibility based on the reason for separation provided when you filed your claim. 

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  • What does it mean when the page reads that your SSN does not match our records or cannot be found?

    When the GDOL system is not able to match the social security number (SSN) to a record in our system, you will receive this message.  When the credentials you enter match our records, you will be able to check your claim and payment status on the My UI portal.

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  • When am I allowed to re-set my pin due to suspension?

    If your PIN is suspended because of excessive attempts, your account will automatically reset after 24 hours, then you can try again.  You will be required to enter credentials that match GDOL records to reset your PIN.

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  • If my employer filed a claim on my behalf, how do I choose my payment specification?

    Your payment method will be debit card when your employer submits the first claim on your behalf.  After the employer filed claim is processed by the GDOL system, then you can update your payment method to direct deposit at UI Benefit Payment Methods. You may continue to check your claim and payment status on your My UI.

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  • If I did not complete my claim, or I am unaware if my claim went through, should I restart the process?

    If you successfully submit your claim, you will receive a Confirmation number and email confirmation that your claim was received. If you started an application but did not complete it, your application will be saved for 24 hours. If you do not complete your application within this time period, your claim will be deleted and you will need to start over. 

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