Employer Tax Rates Released

The 2023 Annual Tax Rate Notices, DOL-626, are available on the Employer Portal. An email was sent to email addresses on record when the tax rate notices were published. The notices will NOT be mailed.

Legislative Changes Impacting 2023 Employer Tax Rates

Effective, January 1, 2023, the Administrative Assessment expired. The Administrative Assessment had been in place for several decades. It was last reauthorized by the Georgia Legislature through December 31, 2022, by 2016 GA House Bill 904. In the most recent state legislative session, the Legislature opted not to renew the Administrative Assessment. Therefore, the Administrative Assessment portion of an employer's total tax rate for 2023 will reflect 0.00% to replace the previous Administrative Assessment of 0.06%.

With the elimination of the Administrative Assessment, there is an accompanying change in the base employer tax rates from the base rate tables found in Code Section 34-8-155(e) to the base rate tables found in Code Section 34-8-155(c). This may result in a small total tax rate increase for employers.
If an employer is not registered on the Employer Portal, please register immediately to avoid delays in receiving this important information. Employers should select Employer Portal and register to begin using the preferred method to manage the employer account. Employers can download the Administrator Guide from the Employer Portal login page for instructions on completing the registration.

The Employer Portal is the preferred method for employers to manage their unemployment insurance (UI) tax accounts. Employers may view employer account information (e.g. tax rates, account status, and payment details), file Quarterly Tax and Wage Reports, submit payments, update employer addresses, file employer filed claims, and email the Field Tax Representative assigned to their area.

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