Interstate Claims

What is an interstate claimant?

An interstate claimant is an individual who files an interstate claim for benefits under the unemployment insurance (UI) law of a state in which an individual has worked and earned wages in the period used to establish a UI claim but the individual does not live in that state.

Eligibility is determined by the state in which the claim is filed.

Interstate Claims (wages earned in Georgia)

If you worked and earned wages in the state of Georgia within the last 18 months (prior to filing) but live in another state, you may apply for unemployment benefits online by selecting Apply for Unemployment Benefits.

Interstate Claims (wages earned in another state)

If you worked and earned wages in another state but live in Georgia, you should contact the state in which you worked in the last 18 months (prior to filing) for instructions on how to file a UI claim in that state.

Combined Wage Claims (CWC)

The combined wage program allows unemployed individuals with employment and wages in more than one state to combine his/her wages to establish a combined-wages claim under the law of a single state to qualify for benefits.

Filing Options for CWC

A claimant who elects to file a CWC must use all wages earned from all states that are available during the base period and can only be filed in one state. Such claims must be filed in one of the states in which work was performed in the last 18 months. You must contact the state in which you choose to file your claim.

Claimant may elect to use wages from only one state as another option.

Employment Services Registration Requirements

You must be actively registered for employment services to receive UI benefits, unless exempt by law. Georgia residents are required to register for employment services with the GDOL through WorkSource Georgia. Interstate claimants must register for Employment Services with the state workforce agency in the state where they reside.