Get Occupational Trends

Occupational information, including projected employment and wages, is vital in career exploration, education and training program development, and economic development.

The distribution and growth of occupations are key economic indicators that can show the income potential and diversification of a local economy. Employment forecasts tend to identify key growth sectors, and target occupations that will provide the bulk of job openings to local economies.

Occupational Outlook
Statewide and local area short- and long-term projections, including fastest growing occupations, occupations with the most annual openings, and occupations by education and training level required.

Georgia Jobs: Short-term Employment Projections
Short-term outlook is compiled each year and is a two-year occupational forecast. Due to confidentiality rules, some occupations are not listed. (PDF)

Georgia's Hot Careers
Statewide listing of careers that will have fast job growth, high wages, and at least 100 annual openings during the next ten years. (PDF)

Georgia's STEM Careers
Access a listing of several Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) occupations in Georgia with the knowledge, education, wage, and projected annual openings associated with them. (PDF)