GDOL Rules

The rules of the Georgia Department of Labor set forth operating procedures that are not covered in the Official Code of Georgia and are established under section 34-8-70 of that code.

Complete list of Rules and Regulations for the Georgia Department of Labor

View recently adopted rules which may not yet be updated in the complete rules or individual sections:

Notice of Repealed and Amended Rules - September 1, 2017

Notice of Adopted Rules - February 18, 2015

Notice of Adopted Rules - December 31, 2014

Notice of Adopted Rules - October 19, 2014

Proposed & Adopted Rules Notice

Unemployment insurance rules are within Chapter 300-2 Employment Security Law

The sections of Chapter 300-2 are:

300-2-1  Definitions
This section defines the meanings of terms used for the Unemployment Insurance Program.

300-2-2  Reports 
This section defines reports that employers are required to file to establish liability, file tax and wage reports, and report labor information. 

300-2-3  Tax Rates & Covered Employment 
This section defines rules that govern due dates, penalty & interest, types of liability & coverage, and changes in coverage. 

300-2-4  UI Benefit Payments
This section defines type of claims and procedures for processing claims. 

300-2-5  Appeals
This section defines type of appeals and procedures for processing appeals. 

300-2-6  Records
This section defines types of records employers are required to maintain and access to those records. 

300-2-7  Requirements for Employees and Employers
This section defines coverage requirements for employees and employers. 

300-2-8  Governmental & Non-Profit Accounts
This section defines treatment of governmental and non-profit organizations. 

300-2-9  Qualifications & Penalties for UI Benefits Claims
This section defines the qualifications and disqualifications for establishing a claim.