Electronic Media Specifications for Tax and Wage Reporting - DOL 4606

Contact information and specifications for filing electronically including by magnetic media. Employers are encouraged to use this process.

Employer Handbook

General information about the Georgia UI program. This handbook is not intended to replace laws or regulations which govern the UI program.

Employer Hotline Flyer

Contact information for employers with customer service or unemployment insurance questions.

Employer's Quarterly Tax and Wage Report - DOL 4N

Form used to submit quarterly employee wages, tax information, and account changes. This form is interactive and can be completed online, saved, and/or printed. Chrome and Firefox users must change their default PDF viewer, as Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.

Employment Applications

Information needed to create the perfect application including the importance of how it looks and how to complete salary requirements and reasons for leaving.

Federal Bonding Program

Specific and comprehensive information about the Federal Bonding Program, for which GDOL is the certified local agency.