Child Labor School Attendance Requirements

State law requires a minor to obtain an attendance letter from their school administrator indicating that:

  • The minor is enrolled in school full-time.
  • The minor’s school attendance record is in good standing for the current academic year.

Employers are required to maintain a copy of the minor’s employment certificate (work permit) and the attendance letter in the minor’s employment file. The attendance letter must be updated in January of each subsequent academic year during which the minor maintains his or her employment.

The school attendance letter is not required when the minor:

  • Reaches the age of 16;
  • Receives a high school diploma, a GED, a special education diploma, or a certificate of high school completion;
  • Has terminated secondary education and is enrolled in a postsecondary school.

For more information on state laws contact the GDOL Child Labor section at 1-877-709-8185.