Workplace Posters Enforcement Scam

The Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) encourages employers to review the workplace poster requirements in Georgia and be sure that all posters are up-to-date and displayed correctly. GDOL also urges all employers to be aware of unscrupulous business operators who may try to coerce employers to purchase required workplace posters and/or pay a fine.  All workplace compliance posters required by law can be printed free of charge from GDOL’s website at  The workplace poster link is located under the Laws and Rules tab.

Employers do not need to purchase these posters from private vendors. Government-issued workplace posters do not have to be laminated to satisfy an employer’s regulatory obligation. Employers should never pay for a government service that is free. GDOL has investigated reports of vendors claiming to be GDOL staff, implying that employers are not in compliance with state law and urging employers to buy the posters from the vendor and/or pay a fine. GDOL advises employers to disregard these vendors and consult with GDOL directly to determine which posters are needed.

Employers needing to get a list of required workplace poster or to report inappropriate vending of posters, should call the UI Tax Administration Department at 404.232.3320.