Requirements for Reporting Valid Social Security Numbers


The Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) is updating its processing systems to ensure that wage records are in the proper format and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) compliant. Additionally, the Georgia Employment Security Law Rule 300-2-7-.01(6) states employers shall report each employee's social security number in the making of any report required by the Georgia Department of Labor.

Invalid SSN formats include:

  • SSN field is blank (i.e., no number was reported)
  • SSN is not numeric
  • SSN is less than 9 digits
  • SSN was reported for multiple employees
  • SSN consists of the same digits (e.g., 111-11-1111)
  • SSN begins with "9"
  • SSN is "123-45-6789"
  • SSN is "987-65-4321"
  • SSN begins with "000"
  • SSN begins with "666"
  • SSN has "00" as the middle two digits
  • SSN has "0000" as the last four digits
  • SSN contains dash(es)

Reports submitted for second quarter 2019 and thereafter with invalid or missing SSNs will result in rejection of quarterly reports and assessment of penalties for incomplete report(s).

Contact GDOL at 404.232.3245, if you need assistance or have additional questions.