Update on Employer Filed Claims

The Employer Filed (Partial) Claims (EFC) system will be back online December 6, 2021, with enhanced security measures to ensure the validity of employer and claimant information used to determine eligibility. To prevent potential fraud and strengthen the integrity of our employer filed claims (partial) system, we are adding additional security requirements to our EFC process that mirror the requirements for individual claims. An employee will now be required to:

  1. Set up an EFC profile online to include indicating whether an employer will be filing on his/her behalf and providing additional contact and payment information; and
  2. Verify his/her identity before an eligible payment will be issued.

These two additional steps must be completed by the employee in conjunction with an employer filing on his/her behalf to receive eligible benefit payments.

Beginning December 6, 2021, employers will once again be able to file employer filed claims for full-time employees who are temporarily laid off or whose hours have been temporarily reduced because of lack of work. This system has been suspended while additional requirements were added. Employers will be able to file on behalf of their full-time employees temporarily or partially unemployed due to a lack of work for week ending dates in the last 60 days. If you are going to file on behalf of your employees for any weeks they were laid off, please encourage your employees to not file an individual claim and allow you to file the employer filed claim on December 6th when the system is back online. The EFC process is the faster, more preferred method to receive payments. Individual-filed claims must allow the employer 10 days to respond to the claim, extending the wait time for eligible payments. 

Updated EFC instructions and resources for the new processes will be provided to employers and employees/claimants and available on the GDOL website to ensure the requirements are met and payments can be made timely. Watch your emails and GDOL website for more information.