RBW Logistics Recruitment

RBW Logistics

The Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) is assisting RBW Logistics Corp to recruit workers for it’s location in the Augusta Georgia area.
If you have an unbelievable work ethic, a passion for excellence, a willingness to do whatever it takes to service our customers and our people, and the ability to have fun while executing – then RBW may be the right place for you. You can easily look at what RBW does as simple warehousing and distribution, a company that can help alleviate your current space issues and transportation needs. In some cases, that may be all that is needed. However, RBW is not just a warehouse, trucking company or trans-loader. Those definitions come with too many limitations and lack creativity. What RBW does is something different. Something significant. Something more.
View RBW Logistics Corp job openings posted with Georgia Department of Labor through EmployGeorgia.
August 1, 2019