Rapid Response Activities Provided by the GDOL

Georgia’s Rapid Response strategy, coordinated with State and local workforce development partners, delivers services designed to avert a planned layoff and/or minimize disruption for individuals and communities in dislocation events, as well as to mitigate layoffs that will occur.  The Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) is committed to quickly identifying major layoffs and customize an approach of resources and services to help workers transition to new jobs as quickly as possible.

Entities who may be in need of pre-layoff aversion services include Employers who generally fall in three categories:

Faltering Companies

Companies facing Unforeseen Business Circumstances

Companies affected by Natural Disasters 

Services to affected Employers may include:

•  Layoff aversion and/or mitigation services

•  Educating Employers on WARN requirements, Rapid Response and Trade services

•  Coordinating a coalition of partner agencies for an Employer and/or Employee meeting

•  Facilitating an Employer meeting to determine services to be rendered to affected Employees

•  Coordinating staff, resources, and equipment necessary if a specialized resource area or transition center is needed

•  Assisting with Trade Act petitions when jobs move to other countries

Services to affected Employees may include:

•  Facilitating Employee information sessions
•  Assisting with career assessments and testing
•  Surveying employees to determine appropriate services
•  Providing resources for job search, career centers, partner agencies, and community resources
•  Assisting with Unemployment Insurance Claims and EmployGeorgia account creations and posting on-line résumés
•  Delivering specialty workshops (Résumé Writing, Interviewing, Job Search, Utilizing Social Media and others as requested)
•  Providing local and statewide Labor Market Information along with job opportunities
•  Availing access to educational and occupational training (classroom and on-the-job training) services 
•  Coordinating any Trade related events
•  Coordinate with local service agencies and community partners to provide integrated services
•  Arranging for interpreters

Contact the Rapid Response Unit at [email protected]