Notice of Adopted Rules - February 18, 2015


February 18, 2015 


Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to the authority contained in O.C.G.A. Sections 34-8-70, 34-8-93, 34-8-157, and 26 U.S.C. 3303, as amended, the following Rules have been adopted and will become effective on February 18, 2015. 

Chapter 300-2 of the Rules of Employment Security Law is amended as follows: 

Rule 300-2-7-.13 - Independent Contractors, Amended and title changed to Independent Contractors. Amended.

GDOL Rules - Chapter 300-2 - Employment Security Law - Amended - Adopted Effective February 18, 2015

Chapter 300-5 of the Rules of Inspection is amended as follows: 

Rule 300-5-14-.26 - Overhead Lines, repealed.
Rule 300-5-14-.27 - Trolleys & Portable Cables-Power Supply For Equipment, repealed.
Rule 300-5-14-.28 - Reporting Unusual Conditions, repealed.

GDOL Rules - Chapter 300-5 - Inspection -Amended - Adopted Effective February 18, 2015

The links above provide an exact copy of each Rule chapter's Amendments. These documents are provided as a single PDF. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view or print these document. A free software download is available from the Adobe web site.

Updated February 3, 2015