Retention Services

Currently working and still receiving Social Security disability cash benefits but have not assigned your Ticket to Work for job retention services? Ongoing GDOL employment support services include the following:

  • Benefits Counseling and Work Incentive Advisement Services: 
  • Job Stabilization and Retention
  • Career Advancement Services
  • In-depth Case Management Support 
  • Community Support Services

As an authorized Partnership Plus (PP) EN provider for the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA), GDOL will accept Ticket assignments from beneficiaries who have completed Vocational Rehabilitation services and have been working for at least 90 days. Partnership Plus models are designed to promote cooperation, collaboration and creativity in the provision of services and supports to assist beneficiaries with disabilities to achieve long-term employment success leading to economic self-support. 

For more information about the Ticket to Work program, please contact a GDOL Case Manager by completing the referral form.

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