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While many students graduate from high school and prepare for the future with the appropriate academic credentials, some lack the soft skills needed to succeed in today’s workforce. A startling fact is that 89 percent of all first-time hires who lose their job do so because of a lack of soft skills. Workforce readiness is more than just hard skills training and it is the key to Georgia’s economic future.
In 2011, I created the GeorgiaBEST program to answer the concerns of Georgia’s employers regarding the future workforce – our students. GeorgiaBEST began as a small initiative in 20 schools across the state and is now in over 120 schools. GeorgiaBEST concentrates on teaching students the top skills required to be successful in the workforce such as attendance, punctuality, teamwork, communication skills and attitude.
GeorgiaBEST certification serves as validation to employers that students have displayed strong work habits that will foster success in higher education and in the workplace. This program helps our young people gain an understanding of the lifelong process of determining self and career identity, and I am confident that GeorgiaBEST will give them an advantage in today’s highly competitive job market.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in this program – from teachers to our partners at the Department of Education, the Department of Juvenile Justice, the Great Promise Partnership, and the University of North Georgia.
I’d also like to thank you for your consideration in the GeorgiaBEST program. I hope that you will join me on this journey towards preparing our students to face the challenges and triumphs of life after high school.

By investing in today’s students, we are investing in tomorrow’s workforce, and our future.
Thank you,
Commissioner Mark Butler

Additional Information

Versions of the GeorgiaBEST program are offered to middle school, high school, and adult education students throughout the state. A total of 10 criteria have been established to determine eligibility for the GeorgiaBEST Soft Skills Certificate. They are as follows:

  • Discipline and Character
  • Attendance and Punctuality
  • Teamwork and Work habits
  • Productivity and Academic Performance
  • Organization and Responsibility
  • Attitude and Respect
  • Self-Management and Time Management
  • Oral and Written Business Communication Skills
  • Appearance and Professional Image
  • Social Media Ethics

Students must receive a minimum number of points and complete a required project to receive a GeorgiaBEST certificate.  This program is free to schools and certificates are provided by the GDOL at no cost.  Students are assessed on every day performance, as they would be in the workplace.

GeorgiaBEST Fact Sheet

For more information on the program contact GeorgiaBEST or Connie Smith at 404.232.7339.