Form 1099-G Tax Information

To expedite delivery of your 1099G, the GDOL is offering claimants the option to receive an electronic copy of his/her 1099G form, instead of a mailed paper copy. To select this option, please log in to your MyUI portal and follow the directions in the notice allowing you to choose electronic copy only. To receive your 1099G electronically, you must select this option before midnight Thursday, January 21, 2021. If a claimant does not choose electronic copy only, a paper copy will be mailed to them. When the electronic copies of the 1099Gs are ready, a copy of each claimant’s form will be found in his/her My UI portal.

Unemployment compensation is taxable income. This must be reported each year even if you have repaid some or all of the benefits received. It is not required to submit a copy of your Form 1099-G with your income tax return.

Form 1099-G is mailed each year, before the end of January, to anyone who was paid unemployment benefits during the calendar year, January 1 to December 31. This form lets you know how much unemployment compensation you were paid and the amount of federal and state taxes deducted from your unemployment compensation.

This information is also made available online once the Form 1099-Gs have been released. Please continue to check our website and social media platforms for notification when this information is made available online.

Questions about taxation of unemployment insurances or other tax matters should be directed to the IRS or your tax advisor.