Fraud Investigation

The GDOL has detected several fraudulent attempts to compromise the Unemployment Insurance Benefits System. The agency takes cybersecurity very seriously and we are taking the necessary steps to ensure the security of our systems and programs for our claimants. GDOL audited claimant personal identification number (PIN) usage and found many claimants using vulnerable PINs. In response, the GDOL is implementing additional security protocols to deter the use of vulnerable PIN combinations and protect UI accounts.
Claimants may be asked to reset their PIN and/or verify their identity and personal information with Claimants will be given unique instructions when logging into their account. Some claimants may receive an email with next step instructions for validating their unemployment insurance account. 
The GDOL warns in the UI Claimant Handbook against using common number sequences as your PIN. Claimants will now also be required to reselect a payment method when resetting their PIN. This action will ensure the accuracy and validity of the claimant’s payment information each time the PIN is changed. PIN selections that mimic the last four digits of a claimant’s SSN, birthdate, phone number, or the use of the same number multiple times is restricted. The UI Claimant Handbook states that a claimant’s PIN is his/her signature and must be kept confidential in order to guard against identity theft and protect his/her privacy.
If a claimant is asked to verify with and successfully completes the verification, he/she will receive an email within 48 hours from the GDOL to provide his/her verification code and instructions to reset their PIN and unlock their account. Claimants are encouraged to verify his/her identity immediately to keep their unemployment assistance account safe, protect their sensitive personal information, and resume using online services. Failure to verify a claimant’s identity within 7 days of the date of this notice will result in his/her unemployment benefits being delayed or denied.

The GDOL has also added reCAPTCHA to UI applications. reCAPTCHA helps protect websites from automated software attacks. Claimants will be asked to complete the reCAPTCHA process to prove they not a bot before accessing UI applications.
Please be cautious of fake websites and social platforms. The GDOL will reach out to you via mail, phone, email, or direct messages on social. Look for our verified blue checkmarks on our FB page and soon on Twitter. Never give out your full SSN, PIN, DOB, passphrase, or banking info.

The GDOL will never ask for a copy of your driver’s license or a picture of you on a social platform. You might be asked to upload documents into your My UI portal or you might be asked to provide those documents for when verifying your identity.