Online Quarterly Tax and Wage Filing Options for Employers

The Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) offers all employers the ability to file their quarterly tax and wage reports, make payments via the online services, and receive immediate confirmation of filing.

We are pleased to offer employers a new wage file upload service. Employers with up to 5,000 employees are encouraged to submit their quarterly wage detailed report through the service.

Using Wage File Upload:

  • Allows the use of Microsoft Excel or CSV files to submit wage records (the Wage File Upload Specifications contains templates employers are required to use).
  • Ensures secure transmissions of employees' names, social security numbers, and wages.
  • Provides same-day notification of upload success or a detailed error report.
  • Eliminates the expense of CD-ROMs, USB Flash Drives, and postage associated with filing by paper or magnetic media.

Employers must register for the Employer Portal to take advantage of all online services.