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Job Order Request

It is our pleasure to provide your business with qualified applicants for your job openings.

An email address is required to submit a request. Please adjust the security settings/filters on your email account to allow emails from the Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL). If your security settings/filters are not set properly, emails from the GDOL may be undeliverable or routed to your Spam/Bulk Mail folder.

Requests for H-2A and Agricultural Intrastate or Interstate positions are processed through the GDOL Agricultural Services unit. Complete the Employer Request for Contact Form for assistance.

Submit a New Employer Job Order Request

Use a previously-submitted request as a template to create a new request
The confirmation number and the submitter email address of the original request is required.

Employer Job Order Request - Instructions

 Job Description Tools

To protect employers and job seekers, job order requests must meet specific criteria. Job orders must be:

  • submitted by the employer or someone with authorization from the employer to submit the posting
  • submitted by a legitimate business
  • submitted for purposes that do not violate federal or state laws or regulations
  • detailed and clearly state the nature and requirements of the job or the qualifications required of applicants. Postings may not contain false, inaccurate, or misleading information.
  • for a bona fide job opening. If the posting is to increase applicant files for future use, and there is no anticipated hire date, employers are required to disclose this in the posting.

Failure to comply with GDOL policy and/or federal employment laws and regulations will result in the loss of future postings. Federal violations may be subject to penalties and fines.

For personalized assistance, complete an Employer Request for Contact Form or email the nearest GDOL Career Center.